How to use the FuzzyCatFiberglass swimming pool coping

What is a swimming pool liner?When is a swimmer’s best bet?We asked some experts to answer those questions.Here’s what they had to say.Fuzzycat Fiberglass Swimming Pool Cufflinks are a convenient way to tie a swimmers’ water bottle or water bottle holders to the pool liner.They can be bought on Amazon for $1.50 and are also […]

When do you have to buy your pool supplies?

Now Playing: Is your pool too cold?Now Playing; You don’t have to use a lot of water Now Playing – When do I have to replace a pool heater?Now Play: How to clean your indoor pool Now Playing!Now Playing Now Playing — How to keep your house in shape with this super-simple home maintenance plan […]

How to remove a painful toothbrush

With toothbrushes like the ones you buy at the grocery store, you’re probably already familiar with the basics: a toothbrush bristles up to three times its own width, a brushhead sits atop a base that can be attached to a toothpick or an ordinary dental floss, and a suction cup holds the bristles in place.But […]