Swimming pool plaster in the shower

In the shower, the air is cold, the water cold, and the pressure is high.That’s not a good situation for your plumbing system.So you’re probably going to be tempted to add a pool cover to the shower.But you might not need one.If you have a pool, you probably already have a few of these covering […]

How to keep a bathing suit clean after swimming

The next time you’re at the pool, take care of yourself before you head out for a swim.Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated and clean in the water.1.Be a better swimmers The best way to stay hydrate and keep your body feeling hydrated is to swim regularly.This includes exercising regularly and swimming […]

How to clean your swimming pool

It’s not just the water inside your swimming pools that is a problem.There are also the air filtration systems, and even the sewage systems that run through your pool.But in the case of your swimming tank, there’s a solution that’s easy to implement: water filters.A common concern with a swimming pool is that it’s not […]