How to Create a ‘Swimming Pool’ in less than a week

“You’re not going to find this in the grocery store.”—Paul Bunyan”This is the first thing you’re going to learn about building a swimming pool.”—Scott Thomsen”This will teach you how to build a swimming hole in your backyard.”—Ben Kuchera”The most important lesson you can learn is to make the most of every moment.”—Tom Hanks”If you want […]

Which is the most expensive swimming pool in Texas?

The Hill article DALLAS — The cost of swimming in the state of Texas is one of the highest in the country.That is according to a new analysis by a Houston-based research firm that looked at the cost of pool upgrades, facilities and services.The average cost of a swimming pool has increased by almost 40% […]

How to design your own swimming pool

A pool for kids?No problem!If you’ve ever been to a kids pool, you know what I’m talking about.Kids have always loved their swimming pools, and they don’t need any more reasons to do so.But what if you’re looking to create a new pool or remodel your existing pool?You can get a pool for children for […]