A photo of a swimming pool has gone viral after being shared on Facebook. The photo shows a swimming pools pool with an outdoor bar. The caption reads: Swimming pool on the balcony. I’ve got a pool for you and it’s perfect.

A friend shared the photo of the pool with the caption: Swimmer pool.It’s perfect, I’ve always loved swimming pool photos.Many commented on the photo saying it was a perfect photo to use for a party, as they could have been enjoying the pool and drinking.The photo has since been shared thousands of times on social […]

Gunite swimming pools in Japan to be opened by 2019

Tokyo: A new generation of swimming pools have been revealed in Japan.Gunite swimming ponds, which feature two pools and a separate entrance, have been created to cater to the increasingly popular Japanese summer.They were first unveiled in February of this year at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Summer Resorts Expo, the government said in a statement […]