How to get to your local pool without a car

People can get to their local swimming pool from almost any place in the world by walking or driving.But not all are safe.The world’s biggest public swimming pools are some of the most dangerous, with hundreds of people dying every year from drowning.That’s the result of a combination of bad management and poor management practices, […]

Buy swimming pool and net for $898

Buy a swimming pool or net for around $8,000 and you could be rewarded with a great deal on your next holiday.The US’s largest internet retailer, Amazon, is selling a new line of swimming pool net and pool equipment that includes a swimming hole, a netting for the pool and a large swimming pool base.The […]

How to make a swimming pool warmer

A swimming pool that heats up when it’s underwater has been described as the “coolest” thing ever created.But a team of designers at University College London have taken the temperature of the swimming pool and turned it into a plaster, which they say will keep your home warmer.The pool was created by a group of […]

Which pool timer should I use for my new swimmers?

There are so many swimming pool timers out there, but it can be difficult to figure out which one to buy.Swimming pool timers can help you set your own pool schedule.Here are the best swimming pool timer apps for beginners.Swimming Pool Timer Basics:What is a swimming pool?A swimming pool is a pool where swimmers can […]

How to Create an Animated Swimming Pool in Minecraft

The basics of creating a pool are pretty straightforward, but you might have trouble getting the hang of them.To help with that, we’ve assembled a list of tips and tricks to help you make your pool a bit more colorful, while still staying within the Minecraft engine.If you’ve already downloaded the latest version of Minecraft, […]

Which pools are best for you?

The first of these is the private swimming pool.These pools are located in high-rise apartment buildings and are a lot more expensive than the pools in most other neighborhoods.In addition, most of the pools are for families only.Pooling is often an expensive option for couples, but the benefits outweigh the cost of the pool.If you […]

How to find the best beach for swimming in the UK

As many as half of all Brits are at risk of contracting a viral infection when they get in the water, a survey has found.More than half of Brits were at risk to contracting the coronavirus when they went swimming, with the figures putting the number at about 15 per cent of the population, the […]