Which Olympic athletes should be swimming?

The swimming pool in Sochi is full of medals and medals are everywhere, but some of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history have yet to find their way to the pool.Here’s a look at some of those who are, and others who are not.1.Lizzie Bennet Bennet, swimming The British swimmer won silver in the […]

A photo of a swimming pool has gone viral after being shared on Facebook. The photo shows a swimming pools pool with an outdoor bar. The caption reads: Swimming pool on the balcony. I’ve got a pool for you and it’s perfect.

A friend shared the photo of the pool with the caption: Swimmer pool.It’s perfect, I’ve always loved swimming pool photos.Many commented on the photo saying it was a perfect photo to use for a party, as they could have been enjoying the pool and drinking.The photo has since been shared thousands of times on social […]

Which swimming pools are the best in Australia?

The swimming pool category was a hot topic on Reddit this week, and one that many people were talking about in the comments section.The question had been asked many times before, and the answer was, “the swimmers pool in the middle of the city”, which is in Adelaide, Australia’s second largest city.But now the discussion […]

Inflatable pool plan: Inflater pool

Inflating your pool is a popular pastime for many people, particularly in warmer parts of Australia.Inflators are a common sight on Australian beaches and are popular among Australian children as a means to cool down.The main advantage of using an inflatable pool is that it is watertight and allows for a quick drying time and […]