Which one is best for you? — Fox News — 02-16-18

A Florida man is suing Amazon for not providing him with a swimming pool after his wife, who suffers from a rare form of kidney disease, was diagnosed with the disease.

Johnathan Fong, 28, is suing the online retailer, saying his wife is suffering from the rare kidney disease called kidney fibrosis, which causes kidney failure.

Fong says he has spent $6,000 to purchase the pool in order to have access to the water, but Amazon refused to pay for the pool.

Fong claims the pool costs $1,000.

He claims that Amazon has refused to provide him with access to a pool after a series of emails to his wife were not answered, and he claims the company has refused a pool to him since October.

Amazon has not responded to FOX News’ request for comment.

Fongs attorney, John Dolan, filed a federal lawsuit against Amazon in March, claiming that Amazon’s refusal to pay him for his swimming pool violated his right to due process and equal protection under the law.

Dolan says Amazon’s failure to pay the $1.2 million bill for his pool is proof of the company’s failure in providing Fong with a reasonable pool, and it’s time to hold Amazon accountable.

He says the company should pay Fong for his medical bills and pay him the same as his spouse who also suffers from kidney fibrotic disease.