The ‘proud’ lap swimming pools of Tamil Nadu – Times of India

Tamil Nadu is one of the most promising states for the Indian swimming pool industry.

In the last decade, the state has seen a number of promising projects including the construction of four swimming pools at Mahabodhi beach in Tamil Nadu’s Mahabadi area, as well as a swimming pool at Nagarajan in Tirupati.

A total of 13,000 meters of swimming pool are located in Tamilna.

However, the recent construction of the Swimming Pool of Chikkamagaluru at Tambaram beach in the coastal city of Vizag district has created much buzz and excitement.

The Swimming pool of Chikkamagaltururu in Chikkambamaluru, Tamil Nadu.

The Tambaram swimming pool has been built by an Italian company and will be the biggest swimming pool in the world.

It will be able to accommodate up to 12,000 people.

The pool will be open to the public during the year.

It is believed that the total capacity of the pool will exceed 11,000.

The Tambara swimming pool will also be a world record.

The company which has constructed the pool is a subsidiary of Italy’s Alitalia and is based in Rome.

The company’s CEO, Giancarlo Rizzuto, was in the process of building the pool when the news broke.

The facility will be operational by the end of 2018.

According to Alitalie’s website, the swimming pool of Tambaragururu will be designed to be the world’s largest swimming pool and will also have the capacity to accommodate a total of 12,800 people.

Alitaliys website states that the pool’s swimming area is 2,500 m2.

The site also says that the water depth will be 50 metres and the pool itself will be 60 m wide.

The swimming pool is expected to cost around €1.5 billion ($1.7 billion).

The pool will accommodate an estimated 8,000 athletes from the national and international level.

It has been said that it will also feature an outdoor pool with an outdoor swimming area and the capacity will be 14,000 persons.

According to the company, the facility will have a capacity of 6,000,000 m2 and will have the total space of a 50 hectare complex.

The pool is scheduled to open for the public in the year 2020.