‘Swimming Pool’ is going to be bigger and better than it ever was

A new reality TV show has been created with an exclusive underwater theme. 

The new show, ‘Swim Pool’ will be a one-hour reality show in which viewers will be able to swim in a pool that can stretch into a huge 18ft pool. 

“I’m excited to be able see this new reality show on a larger scale, and I can’t wait to see it being put to the test on this new underwater experience,” said co-hosts Michael McEvoy and John Cusack.

“Swimming pools can be a dangerous place to be.

We are looking forward to seeing what our guests can do when we have to swim with them underwater,” said Michael McAvoy.

The new series will debut on Tuesday 19 March at 10pm (NZT) on the BBC2 channel, The Canal, as part of the Discovery Channel’s new series ‘Cabin Fever’.

“The new season of Swim Pool will see guests explore the underwater world with us, and to see how we get around our guests underwater, we have created an underwater reality show.

The challenge for the crew will be to keep it together while swimming underwater,” McEvoy said.

The first series of the new reality series is titled ‘Swimmer Pool’.