What you need to know about the Miami Dolphins offseason news

The Miami Dolphins have been through some rough patches, and they have been the target of a lot of criticism for it.

The Dolphins were a mess after the departure of former general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Adam Gase.

And it didn’t help that their new general manager, Scott Pioli, was the most popular guy in town.

So what can you learn about the team that just fired head coach Joe Philbin, the team with the worst record in the NFL, and the one with the longest losing streak in the league?


The NFL is a cruel mistress 2.

There’s no excuse for a team to be this bad 3.

The only way you can win is if you have the best players 4.

The Miami Heat have been awful in their first three games of the season 5.

The best way to win is to go to the playoffs 6.

You can’t go anywhere and win 9.

The team that is going to win the NBA championship has to be Miami 7.

Miami Dolphins fans can’t stand the way Joe Philberlin is running things 8.

The fans should be pissed off 9.

Miami is not a playoff team 10.

The most important player on the team is Joe Philbrini 11.

You better believe Philbin is going down to his knees and begging for forgiveness 12.

The Heat are good right now because the players are good 13.

The good guys on the Dolphins are the guys who won’t let anyone tell them otherwise 14.

Joe Philbini is a great guy 15.

Miami fans are going to hate the way Philbin has treated them 16.

Miami was the worst team in the AFC East for much of this season, and now they are the worst 17.

Miami has to win to win, and that’s not going to happen because of Philbin 18.

Miami needs to start winning now, because if it doesn’t, they are going nowhere 19.

The entire NFL should have been boycotting Miami because of what happened with Philbin 20.

Miami will lose if Joe Philbenini is fired and Miami loses to the Detroit Lions in the playoffs