Which Olympic athletes should be swimming?

The swimming pool in Sochi is full of medals and medals are everywhere, but some of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history have yet to find their way to the pool.

Here’s a look at some of those who are, and others who are not.


Lizzie Bennet Bennet, swimming The British swimmer won silver in the 200m freestyle at the 1936 Olympics, followed by a gold in the 100m freestylle in the 1936 and 1938 games.

She went on to win the 100 metres in the 1940 Olympics.


Laura Mixon Mixon, swimming Mixon won silver at the 1956 Olympics in Tokyo.

She won bronze in the 60m frees at the 1960 Games in Rome.


Jackie Collins Collins, swimming Collins won gold in swimming in the 1964 Games in Los Angeles.

She also won gold at the 1964 Olympics in Moscow.


Barbara Jarratt Jarrath, swimming Jarrard, a former British Olympic champion, won silver and bronze at the 1972 Games in Athens.

She was a member of the Great Britain women’s team in the 1960s and later helped coach the team at the 1984 Summer Olympics.


Nancy Ewart Dowdell Dowdelle, swimming Ewart was one of three women who won the women’s freestyle in swimming at the 1962 Olympics in Barcelona.

She lost to the American Margaret Ager at the 1976 Games in Vancouver.


Mary Lou McDonald McDonald, swimming McDonald won gold and silver in swimming the 1976 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

She finished second in the women, and won silver.


Julie Laidlaw Laidawe, swimming Laidaws first gold in sailing was at the 1958 Games in Stockholm.

She became a two-time Olympic champion and won the 200 metres in a record time of one minute, 23.08 seconds.


Caroline Criado-Perez Criáo, swimming Criào won gold, silver and three bronze in freestyle sailing in the 1984 Games in Barcelona, Spain.

She now coaches the USA women’s swimming team.


Linda Mccarthy McBride, swimming McBride won silver medals in the 5,000m freestyles at the 1988 Summer Games in Beijing.

She has been a two time Olympic champion in swimming.


Jackie Robinson Robinson Robinson, baseball Robinson was a twotime World Series champion with the New York Yankees.

He won a World Series title in 1947 and a World Cup championship in 1956.

He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995.


Grace Jones Jones, swimming Jones won gold medals in frees swimming at two of the London 2012 Summer Games.

She later coached the US women’s women’s sailing team.


Helen Parry Parry, swimming Parry won silver, bronze and three gold medals at the 1968 Olympics in Munich.

She is one of the few female Olympians who have been on two Olympic teams.


Mary Queen of Scots Queen Elizabeth II is the patron saint of the Olympic movement.

She founded the Olympic Games in 1896.


Grace Kelly Kelly, swimming Kelly won silver with a world record of 43.14 metres at the 2008 Summer Games and became the first American woman to win two gold medals and three silver medals at an Olympic Games.


Carol Ross Ross, swimming Ross became the world record holder in swimming on two occasions at the 2010 Games in Singapore.

She retired from swimming after the 2012 Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Mary Whitehead Whitehead, swimming Whitehead became the only American to win an Olympic gold medal in freestyle diving at the 2000 Games in Atlanta.


Liza Turturro Turt, swimming Turt won gold on two separate occasions in the 3000m freestyling in the 1970s.


Elizabeth Sumner Sumner, swimming Sumner won a bronze medal in the men’s marathon in 1968 and gold in women’s rowing at the 2004 Games in Sydney.


Mary Richardson Richardson Richardson, swimming Richardson won silver medal in women, 800m, 4x100m, long jump and javelin in the 2000 Summer Games, also winning bronze in rowing.


Daphne Eriven Eriva, swimming A world record was set in 1960 in the 1500m freethrow.

She came to the Olympic Trials in 1972 and won bronze at Athens in 1976.


Helen Brown Brown, swimming Brown won golds in the 500m and 800m freewheeling events in the 1976 Summer Games at the Sydney Games.


Lillian McEwan McEwen, swimming It was a career that began in a nursing home and ended in the 1980s, when she retired.

McEwans achievements included the 100-meter freestyle medley at the 1982 Summer Games Sydney and the 400m freetime relay medley in the 1988 Olympics