How to get a free QVC swim pool, and more on NBC News

NEW YORK — As the sun sets over Long Island City on a summer night, a handful of residents are gathering to watch the sun set.

For many, the sight is a moment of tranquility as they watch the moon rise over the water.

But for others, it’s a time of celebration.

For the first time, QVC, a local chain, has announced a free swimming pool at its Long Island location.

The pool, located at the former QVC store at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Long Island Avenue, is expected to open July 28, the company announced in a press release.QVC announced it was launching the pool after a Long Island resident tweeted about the free pool.

“It’s not just an indoor pool.

We’re building a QVC pool!

We are launching a QVCA (Quiet & Cautious) pool!

This pool will be open to all in the coming months,” the tweet read.

The free pool will offer two pools for $25 each, according to the QVC press release, and will offer free Wi-Fi and a water park for those who want to go for a swim.

The pool is part of a QVBAC initiative, launched last week, which also includes an outdoor pool and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool for those looking to explore New York City.

The outdoor pool will open July 25, and the indoor pool will have its first hours on July 28.QVCA, a subsidiary of QVC Group, has more than 8,000 stores across the United States and Canada, according the company.

The QVAC Swim & Lifestyle Pool, which was launched at the QVACA pool in Long Island, will be QVC’s first indoor pool, the QVBACC pool in Washington, D.C., will be the company’s first outdoor pool, while the QVAO pool in Orlando, Fla., will have a pool.QVAO, which is owned by QVC Brands, and QVACC, which are QVAOC Brands, are QVC companies.

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