Buy swimming pool and net for $898

Buy a swimming pool or net for around $8,000 and you could be rewarded with a great deal on your next holiday.

The US’s largest internet retailer, Amazon, is selling a new line of swimming pool net and pool equipment that includes a swimming hole, a netting for the pool and a large swimming pool base.

The pool net measures 14 inches (35 cm) wide by 8.5 inches (20 cm) deep and comes with a 30-foot (9 metre) long (60cm) swimming pool pole.

The net is made of a light, durable plastic, with a waterproof coating.

The swimming pool was designed by artist and illustrator, Tetsuya Suzuki.

The design features a large, open pool with a central circular pool bowl, with the base and pool bowl separated by a small opening.

The base can accommodate up to 12 people, while the pool bowl can accommodate 12 people and a child.

The total area is 40 square feet (22 square metres).

The pool net comes with an additional 50-foot long (15 metre) pole.

There is also a separate net for use in the basement.

The $895 net includes a large 50-inch (16 metre) length of pole.

The pool is designed to be the most comfortable part of the house.

The water level rises and falls as the kids swim, so they need to be well-rested when they are at the pool.

The tub is large enough to comfortably hold up to three adults and their children.

A separate pool is also included in the package.

The additional pool is smaller, and has a pool area of 20 square feet, with water level up to 6 feet (1.2 metres).

The net can be installed to the water’s edge, or be removed when not in use.

The swim pool is compatible with the Aquatics Center at the Disney Springs Resort.

The Aqua Aquatic Center offers swim lessons, lessons for kids and a water park for the elderly and disabled.

There are three pools in the pool, and the adult swim class is one of them.