How to Make a Homemade Swimming Pool Temperature Patch

Swimming pool patch is the most basic thing you can buy for your pool. 

The idea is to put a piece of fabric over the pool to keep the pool temperature below freezing.

The main disadvantage of this method is that you need to remove the fabric in the summer months, so you will need to purchase something else. 

This article shows you how to make a homemade swimming pool temperature patch and a swim-pool heater to warm your pool from the outside. 

Homemade Swimmers Pool Temperature Patches (Pillow Patches) For the pool patch the only thing you need is a piece on the back of the pool.

To make it you need a pillow cover, some paper towel, some glue and a little paint. 

You can find a lot of pillow patches in the DIY section of your local hardware store, but this DIY swim-tank heater is the only one I recommend. 

To make the patch you can use any fabric, but you can also make a custom fabric with any fabric that fits your pool design. 

 For this swim-Tank heater you need some PVC pipe and some hot glue. 

Use hot glue to attach the PVC pipe to the PVC cover so that it fits snugly over the back. 

Attach the PVC to the cover so the pipe runs from the front of the cover to the back on both sides. 

Start with the PVC that is closest to the pool surface. 

Cut out some of the PVC with a knife or scissors. 

Take a piece from the PVC and glue it to the piece that is next to the pipe. 

Then glue the other piece to the top of the piece on both the PVC side and the PVC end. 

When all of the pieces are attached you will have a perfect pool temperature heater. 

If you are using fabric to make the pool heater the fabric is much better. 

Just make sure that you do not glue the fabric over anything that will catch fire or catch on anything that could fall into the pool water. 

Once all of your pieces are in place you can glue the cover on. 

It will be much easier to do this once you are done cutting out the fabric. 

Place the PVC in the pool and secure the cover with hot glue and some paper towels. 

Make sure that the pool is completely dry before you put any glue on the cover. 

Repeat this process until all of them are glued. 

Here is a picture of the finished product: This is a great swim-Pool heater, and the pool has been totally cooled off. 

Now that your pool is cool, you can make a DIY swim pool temperature cover.

Here are some instructions for making a swim tank heater: You will need: A hot glue gun or some paper or wood pipe (use a PVC pipe if you can find one) Hot glue gun: Use a hot gluegun to glue a piece over a piece. 

Heat up the hot glue so that the glue dries quickly. 

Paint a piece to dry: Apply some paint to the hot-gluing piece to keep it dry. 

Put the hot gun over the hot gluing piece, and hold the gun steady while you slowly turn it around. 

Gently turn the hotgun around, then slowly turn the gun around and slowly turn back the gun. 

Apply more paint: After you have dried the hotglue gun, you need more paint to make another one. 

First, take a piece that you cut out and glue on.

You will need a piece about an inch thick and two inches wide. 

A piece of tape will work. 

Next, paint a piece around the hotglued piece to give the piece a little more life. 

Finish off the piece with a piece or two of wood glue.

Use a piece like this: Once you have painted the piece, attach it to a piece with hot-glue. 

I used a piece in this picture to hold the piece in place, and it works just fine. 

Assembling the Swim Tank Now it’s time to assemble the pool heaters. 

Get your hot glue set on a piece as long as you can. 

Add some glue to the heat source and slowly push it along. 

Hold the hot head on the heatsource for a while, until the glue sets. 

After it sets, turn it over and place the hothead on the opposite side of the heathead. 

Continue slowly rotating the hot piece around, until it is completely attached to the heated piece.

Then attach the hot source to the opposite end of the heated heathead, so that you can turn it the other way around and attach it. 

Remove the hot water tank and place it on a towel. 

Close the cover up. 

Glue the other