Gunite swimming pools in Japan to be opened by 2019

Tokyo: A new generation of swimming pools have been revealed in Japan.

Gunite swimming ponds, which feature two pools and a separate entrance, have been created to cater to the increasingly popular Japanese summer.

They were first unveiled in February of this year at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Summer Resorts Expo, the government said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The Tokyo Metropolitan government is thrilled to announce the opening of Gunite pools in the summer of 2019,” it said.

“Our government is committed to promoting outdoor recreation in the city, as it is a popular destination for visitors.”

The pools feature swimming pools, indoor recreational facilities and a sauna. 

The facilities have been designed to be environmentally friendly, and offer swimming, bathing, and other amenities for the city’s residents, as well as visitors.

They also boast indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The first pool opened in the Tokyo suburb of Mita in October. 

Other pools in Tokyo are being developed by the Japanese government, with some set to open by the end of the year.