Pool at swimming pool is not worth the price, expert says

NEW YORK — A swimming pool at a Brooklyn home where the body of a woman was found remains “worthless” to homeowners, according to a prominent real estate consultant who said the water is “not a good deal” to rent or sell.

The pool at 526 W. 12th St., near the Brooklyn Bridge, has been in the family for at least 25 years, but the body has never been recovered, said James J. Kroll, who is the president of Kroll Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in underwater properties.

“The pool has been there since the late 80s, but I don’t know that there has been any serious investigation of it,” he said.

“If there had been, it would have been closed, but they haven’t done that.”

What you see is the pool is a very good deal for tenants, but it’s not a good investment for the homeowner.

If the owner would have done that, he could have bought a bigger, better pool and built a better house, but that’s not the case,” Kroll said.

A spokesperson for the family told ABC News they had not been contacted by the real estate firm about the water and that the family did not know the owner or his daughter.

The pool was listed for $2,500 a month in 2010.

In the 1990s, the family of two women, Susanne and Nancy Smith, disappeared after spending time in a hotel room with Smith’s boyfriend, then-17-year-old Frank Kravitz.

The couple’s bodies were found in a nearby lake, but authorities have said Kraviz had no interest in burying them.