What to know about the latest Apple Watch smartwatch

Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Series 3 are finally here.

And it looks like they have a ton of things in common, like a metal-like design and a waterproofing mechanism.

Both watches come with a rotating, magnetic face and a new battery that can last for several days on a single charge.

Both devices will have a price tag of $349.99 for the Sport model and $349 for the Series 3.

The watches also come with water resistance up to 50 meters.

They’re both available now in select US stores.

Read moreApple Watch Series 2 has the same basic features as the first generation of the Apple Watches.

Like the Series 1, the Series 2 is also a watch that’s waterproof and comes with a magnetic face.

However, it has a few key differences.

One is that the Series II does not come with an SD card slot, which makes it a bit more difficult to expand an SD memory card in case you need more storage.

The Series 2 also doesn’t come with support for the Apple Pencil, but that feature is also included in the Series III.