What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in Canada

A new coronaviruses outbreak has begun to take hold in Canada, with the latest data showing that more than 20,000 people have tested positive for the virus.

The latest numbers, which were released Tuesday, were reported by the Canadian Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, which said the total number of cases is rising and that the outbreak is likely to reach a level of 50,000 cases by the end of the week.

The new data comes as a new coronivirus warning system was rolled out for Canadians in Ontario and New Brunswick, and the U.S. states of Connecticut and Maine.

Officials say a similar warning system will soon be rolled out across Canada.

Health Canada also said it is working to develop new ways to test for the new coronavia, which can be transmitted through contact with surfaces such as surfaces that were previously contaminated.

But it says this system will not be ready until at least July 2017.

“The current coronaviral surveillance system does not provide a reliable, accurate, or timely snapshot of the spread of this new coronvirus,” said Dr. Scott Bardsley, a Canadian public health expert and head of the department of infectious diseases and the environment at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

“Therefore, we are developing new ways of detecting the new virus and testing for the novel coronavirin (and) developing an accurate picture of the number of people infected.”

Experts say the system is a “game changer” that will help Canada prepare for the spread and prevent the coronavia from spreading more rapidly.

“We have not seen an increase in coronavirept virus infections, so we need to have a more accurate picture before we can make any decisions about how we are going to deploy the system,” said David Poulin, chief of infectious disease and biosecurity at Public Health Ontario.

“That will be the focus of the next few weeks as we assess how to best proceed and how to implement the new system.”

In addition to the coronavalvirus, Ontario has reported 14,547 new cases of COVID-19, a coronavital infection.

Ontario is one of eight provinces in Canada with the most cases of the new, more deadly virus.

A total of 8,918 Canadians have been diagnosed with the new infection, which has killed at least 826 people and is expected to kill another 1,300 people by the time it’s fully recovered.

In addition, 6,965 new cases have been reported in Saskatchewan, which had just one coronavievirus case reported.

A number of countries are reporting more cases than expected, including Italy, France, Germany, the U, and Canada.