What if you could be a pet swimming hole and have a job?

Here’s the idea: A new breed of pet swimming holes that can be attached to the water at the pool and provide a job for people who live nearby is gaining traction in Australia.

Pet owners are willing to pay $20 a day for a spot in a pool that can accommodate their pet.

The money they’ll receive goes to the Australian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and is used to buy the animals the training they need to get into the water.

The ASPCA also gives money to pet owners for vaccinations.

Pet owners say they’ll have to spend time on the water, but they’ll also have to take on the responsibility of ensuring their pets aren’t hurt or injured.

They also want to be able to take care of the animals themselves.

What you need to know about the pet swimming pools in AustraliaWhat’s happening in pet swimming areas across AustraliaPet swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, where pet ownership is increasing.

The popularity of pet swimmers in Australia has soared in recent years, with owners using them to get their pets out of the house.

A survey of 1,000 pet owners in Australia found that the average person swam in a pet pool every other day for 10 minutes, while the average adult swam once a week for about six minutes.

In contrast, only 2 percent of people swam five or more times a week.

More than two-thirds of people who swam weekly swam a dog, cat, or rabbit, while less than half swam every day.