The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, directed by Tim Burton and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is coming out June 14, 2019. [Photo/screen grab/Disney] A lot of the new footage we’ve seen is pretty good, but one thing we’ve found particularly interesting is that we’re getting a lot of glimpses of turtles that are kind of walking around, looking at stuff, and not interacting with each other. Here’s a clip from the new trailer:The Turtles are really, really good. That’s what they do, they’re good at it. And then when they get their own movie, they’ll be more of a team than they are a team of two. There are definitely some turtles in the trailer who are not Turtles, and there are also some turtles who are really cool, like the giant turtle who is walking around on the ground and not getting any food, and he’s a very cool character. So, the thing that we find interesting is, is the turtles have some really cool toys. I’m a huge fan of the Teenage Ninja Turtles, so I’ve been waiting for a little while to see what they’ll do with some of their toys, like their toy guns and their toy ninja armor. We’ll find out what they can do. It’s kind of a little bit of a tease, but the toys will be awesome. [Laughs] They’re going to have their own toys. You know, it’s just fun to see some of the turtles with the toys, and I think they’ll find something to play with. [Editor’s Note: The Teenage Mutants have been off the air since 2018.] In terms of the movie, we are going to get some really interesting scenes with the turtles and the turtles will be exploring the water. But I would say that the big thing that’s really cool is that the turtles are actually doing some of these underwater things. And we’ll see how they get out of the water in the movie. We will find out where they go and what kind of challenges they’ll face in the film. And I think that will be really cool. We can see how the turtles make it through a water situation. And the Turtles are all kind of cool. So yeah, we’re going, “We’re going. Let’s see what we can do with them.” They’re all really, very cool. [Watch: Teenage Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie Teaser Trailer]The Turtles will be joining the Teenages at the end of the film in a big way. And that will definitely be a big thing for them. [Warning: This

contains spoilers for Teenage Tyrants and Teenage Avengers: Age of Ultron.]

You know what I like?

It will be the first time that the Turtles will have to face each other onscreen.

So that’s going to be really exciting.

They’ll be going back to the Teenaged Mutant Ninja World and the Turtles and they’re going back into their world.

And there will be a very big confrontation with them, which will be interesting.

And they’ll go into a really interesting situation.

We’re also going to see them in a lot more environments, and we’ll also be seeing them on a lot fewer occasions.

It will make for a much more cohesive and interesting movie.

And of course, the Turtles have their super powers, and that will play into that, as well.

So it will definitely feel like the turtles get a little more screen time.

And, yeah, the big reveal is that it’s the turtles who have super powers.

And what they have is a kind of secret that they can only talk about in the Teenagers’ world.

But what we don’t know is what they are.

But we are getting to see the turtles doing things that we haven’t seen before.

So they will definitely do a lot in the next film, but it won’t be the same.


note: We’re learning that the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Warriors movie is being written by Tim Blake Nelson and directed by Sam Raimi.]

And also, we will be seeing a new villain.

That will be an interesting story.

There will be another big reveal coming up on May 25, 2019, that will reveal who the new villain is.

So we’ll find that out at the beginning of the summer.

But this summer, I can’t wait to see who is the new bad guy.

So yes, the Teen Titans and the Teen Mutant Turtles are going into the TeenAge Mutant Ninja world together.

But that is not all that will happen.

There’s going be more action.

There is going to continue to be lots of action.

And at the same time, you know, the turtles, they’ve got their powers, so they are going in with their powers.

So there is going be lots more action in the future.

But it’s all happening with the Turtles, but with the Teen Mutants.

So this summer will be one of the best summers ever.

I love summer. I