When your house is on fire, a new smart home could help save you

I was walking through my neighborhood recently, when I saw a house that was completely in disarray.

It had been completely gutted, with no electricity, running water, or air conditioning.

The only thing that remained was the house itself.

I saw the house as a kind of metaphor for the problems facing many homes all over the country: a house for the people that has been burned down, an empty shell, with nothing to keep the family alive but the ashes.

It was, of course, a metaphor.

And as I got closer to the scene, I began to understand just how many of these houses I had seen over the years were being destroyed.

And it was not just in the United States.

Around the world, people are starting to see the damage these fires are doing to their homes and homes everywhere.

In many parts of the world where houses are being built to replace the homes that have been destroyed by these fires, the problems are being exacerbated by climate change.

It’s happening now in China, where there is an alarming rise in extreme weather.

And there are now warnings in many countries that these fires will continue to burn as the climate warms.

What can we do to prevent the next fire from occurring?

What can be done to help keep our homes and our homes from becoming the new homes of the future? 

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