What it’s like to get the $2,000 vinyl pool rental at Costco?

Costco has just announced a new “rewards program” for people who use the store’s vinyl pool and spa pool, which can be found at the store in some stores.

The program, which is available only through the company’s website, gives people who sign up $2.50 per day to use the pool.

They can also earn additional rewards by signing up for a “club membership,” which includes “a weekly VIP membership, access to exclusive events, special deals, and other benefits.”

The new program is part of a larger effort to make the store more convenient for people looking for a new pool or spa, which was announced earlier this month.

The company has been making its digital pool available for free to its members since the end of March.

Costco is also giving its members $1.50 off every single order.

It also said that its pool membership program would continue to offer discounts through the end the year.

The store also has a membership promotion where members can earn up to a $20 discount when they use a Costco credit card.

That program is only available through Costco memberships, so it’s unlikely to end anytime soon.