‘I am really excited’: Swimming pool expert opens up about her journey

A swimmer has opened up about the terrifying experience she had to endure in the swimming pool after she accidentally swallowed a razor blade and a piece of wood.

The incident happened in the park of the Jirga village in the city of Gera, in the northeastern state of Georgia.

According to local authorities, the woman was at the park with her daughter when she accidentally took a razor from her pocket.

She said she had no idea that she had taken the blade and piece of timber, but that it had come to her.

She then went to her daughter’s home and washed it off, the girl said.

The woman said she then went back to the pool and saw that the blade had been put on the wall.

She had been told that it was a knife, but she was shocked when she found out it was not.

“I was so frightened,” the woman said.

“The woman was crying.

I was trying to calm her down, but I couldn’t stop crying,” she added.”

She went back home and I went to see her.

She was crying and had been saying that the razor was in the water.

I asked her what it was, and she told me that it must have been a knife.”

The woman, who cannot be named, said she could not get any medical help for her daughter because she had not given her enough time to get her medical care.

“There was a man there.

He was saying, ‘Look, this is your child’s knife’,” she said.

“I went to him and said, ‘Please help us, this has happened to my child.'”

I said, I cannot give her medicine.

He said, it was her knife, so she could go to the police.”‘

She was crying’: Swimmer’s daughter opens up to Al Jazeera article Police told Al Jazeera that they had no choice but to treat the woman’s daughter as a suspect, and that she was later arrested.

The local police chief said the woman, identified as Zana, told them that she used the knife in a fight with another girl at the playground.

Police also said that a local man, identified only as Zani, said he had taken a razor out of the woman for his own use and had found it in the pool.”

We were able to take her to the hospital, and when she came out, she was crying,” the chief said.

When she returned home, she told her family what had happened and that Zana was a liar.”

When we came back to our house, she had put the knife back on the floor.

We had no other choice but arrest her.

I had to arrest her because she lied to us,” the daughter said.

A lawyer for the woman told Al-Jazeera that she is considering a legal case against the police.”

They were trying to protect her, she has no memory of what happened,” she said, adding that she would take the matter to the court.”

My lawyer has asked the court to order the arrest of the police officer.

I’m trying to do everything possible to have the police officers arrested.

“A spokesperson for the local district police department, which is responsible for Gera’s police department and Gera city council, told Al -Jazeera on Monday that they were aware of the incident.”

As we know that a minor was injured, the incident is being investigated by the local police department,” a spokesperson said.