3D swimming pool with 10×30 pool for $10,000?

A pool of this size is quite expensive, but if you’re looking to go deep underwater for free, this one is worth the investment.

This $10 million floating, 12-acre pool features the best of both worlds: it features a large swimming pool that you can use as a training surface and a 10×60 underwater pool that can accommodate up to 10 people.

You can get it for a bit under $8 million, and it’s already made it into the top-grossing swimming pool of all time.

More to the point, this pool is not just a great pool, it’s an amazing, beautiful place to live.

It’s home to a thriving fishing community, which is a testament to how much fish and wildlife live in these waters.

The pool also hosts a variety of activities for the whole family, including kayaking, scuba diving, and a boat rental for two to three people.

The fact that the pool is so big also makes it perfect for weddings, graduations, and other events that require a larger venue.

The price is still quite steep, but you can bet that it’ll be worth it in the end.