What’s in the $2 billion Sears swimming pool? Here’s what we know

Sears has announced plans to build a $2.2 billion swimming pool at its Marcy Square location.

Sears has said the $3.5 billion pool will be open to guests starting in 2020.

The pool will house six swimming pools, a sauna, a gyms, and the largest indoor basketball court in the country.

Sears plans to make a few concessions for guests, including that it will close early for the summer and only provide water to residents in a designated pool area.

Other amenities include a new sauna with a built-in shower, heated swimming pool and outdoor seating.

If you need some background, Sears opened the pool in 2016 at a cost of $5 million.

At the time, CEO Michael Nutter said the pool was built with swimming in mind and aimed to “provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment for our guests to enjoy.”

Sears says it expects to generate an additional $1 billion in revenue and add 500 jobs.

It’s also expected to create 500 new jobs in its Marceline, Indiana, facility.

A few of the perks will also include:An outdoor gym with locker rooms and a weight room; a new indoor gym, including a basketball court and indoor swimming pool; and a new, larger sauna.

The pool also will be able to accommodate children who can wear shorts and sneakers and a larger outdoor seating area.

The company is looking for a partner to build the pool.

“We are excited to announce that Sears will be building a $1.5 Billion indoor swimming facility at our MarcySquare, Indiana facility in 2019,” Nutter wrote on the company’s website.

“Sears is a global leader in providing innovative, sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the guests, workers and communities in the U.S., the U of A. and across the world.”

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