Which chemicals are in water from pool pools?

The American Chemical Society has released a report, which says that a majority of the chemicals in water is “probably” coming from pool waters.

The ACS said the results are based on “a large pool of data” collected from “more than 1.2 million Americans” who took the water sampling in 2015 and 2016.

The data includes: chemicals like chlorine, fluorinated chemicals, phosphates, and chlorine trifluoride, which are common in pools and in showerheads.

Also included is perfluorinated chemicals like methylene chloride, a chemical found in some paint strippers.

Some chemicals, like chloramine, are commonly found in gasoline cans.

The report is the latest to focus on the potential for pool chemicals to affect people.

In March, the American Chemistry Council issued a report warning that “pools are among the most contaminated environments in the country, and many people have been exposed to these chemicals.”

Pool chemicals are not the only sources of toxins in pool water.

People who are at risk for lung and heart diseases from pool chemicals, as well as the respiratory illnesses that result, include people with asthma, heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the CDC’s website says.

“A small percentage of water has high levels of these pollutants and is considered safe for use in swimming pools,” the ACS wrote in its report.