How to Build a Plastic Swimming Pool with a Plastic Bathtub

The most basic of swimming pools is just a bunch of plastic tubs, which, when filled, are no fun to clean.

But, the good news is, they are very easy to build with an inexpensive and simple process.

These DIY swimming pools have become a popular summer project, and we’ll show you how to build them.


The basic structure: Put a few sheets of plastic on a sheet of plywood.

Cut the plywood into 4-inch pieces.

The plywood can be any size, but it’s best to use a minimum of 2 feet of width and length.

The goal is to create a solid wall that’s easy to drill and drill a hole.


Cut and glue the wall.

First, glue the ply wood into the wall using epoxy.

The epoxy can be purchased online or at hardware stores.


Put some hot glue on the plywoods and the sides.

The hot glue sticks to the ply boards and sticks to them easily.

It’s best if you don’t let the glue set in. 4.

Using a drill press, drill holes through the ply.

Using some kind of drill bit, drill a 3-inch hole in the middle of each side of the ply, then a 1-inch one in the other corner.

Use a drill bit to create more holes in the wall to fill the pool with the water.


Now glue the top and bottom walls together.

Using epoxy and duct tape, glue together the walls, as well as the sides of the pool.


Use hot glue to build a “bathtub” from the walls and plywood, then glue the water tank to it.

You can attach the pool to the wall, or the bathtub can be made from a plywood or sheet of foam board.


Fill the pool: Take a sheet or a plastic tub and fill it with water.

You may want to fill it halfway up or just fill it about half full.

You’ll need a pump to pump water through the water and a tap for draining the water from the pool, as needed.


Add the pool walls: Now it’s time to add the pool wall.

It can be used as a wall for the pool or it can be glued to a piece of ply or wood.

Make sure the water level is at least halfway up the wall and it’s smooth.

For a longer wall, it may be helpful to glue the pool and the bathtubs together.


Add a bucket: Add a water bucket to the pool so that it’s in the center of the wall so that water can drain off.


Add foam boards: Adding foam boards to a pool is a fun way to add an extra layer of privacy.

Add some plywood strips to the outside of the bath and foam boards will keep the water out.

The boards can be stacked on top of each other to form a wall, so it’s easy for a toddler to play in the pool without the help of a wall.


Build the pool’s base: Place the pool in a sink filled with water, and then pour some water into the sink to fill up the sink.

Make it easy for your toddler to reach the sink with a pushpin or other object.


Repeat step 7 on the other side of your pool.

Now, place the foam walls on top.

You might want to add a drain to the end of the sink so that the water drains to the bath.


Add bathtubes: Use a bathtub to add privacy and water privacy.

Put the bath tassel, foam board and other components on top to form an underwater bathtub.

Use duct tape to seal the tassels and other parts.


Put water into a bucket and pour it into the bucket.

This water will drain into the bath tub and be filtered through the wall of the tub to keep out the water that you have added.


Add towels: Put towels on top and then fill the tub with water and drain.

You should be able to get the water to fill about half of the bucket and drain the other half.


Add other things: Use the plastic tub to add additional accessories to the swimming pool.

This could be a bath mat, a towel holder, a seat, and so on.

This would make the pool very comfortable for your toddlers.


Add fun features: Add some lights, or add a sprinkler system.

You could also add a water feature that can be activated by pressing the button on the water pump.



You can now have fun playing in your new pool.

And if you are interested in learning how to make your own, check out this tutorial.