Black swimming pool ‘a disaster’ in South African resort

A black swimming-pool in South Africa’s Cape Town has been described as a “disaster” by a local community group.

Black swimming pools are widely popular in South Asia, but many in the Cape Town area, including locals, have long complained of the lack of facilities.

CBC News spoke with a local business owner who said he was disappointed to learn that the swimming pool is closed due to water quality concerns.

He said he would be willing to pay more for a larger pool.

He also said he has been asking for more facilities.

He said the problem of low-level pollutants in the pool came to his attention in September.

“We noticed a lot of the contaminants coming from the water, and so we decided to look into it and make sure that we’re not harming the health of the local people,” he said.

The owner of a business in the area said he knew of a few black swimming pools in the city.

We’ve been getting calls from people who say, ‘Well, the swimming pools there aren’t working.’

So I decided to go to the authorities and see if they were aware of any issues, and they said, ‘No, we don’t have any problems at all, we just had some people complain about the quality of the water and so on.’

The owners of the swimming- pool are hoping to open a larger facility this year.

(CBC News: Kerem Karunarayake)’We have been getting complaints from people that they feel unsafe in the swimming, that the pool isn’t working, they don’t like the noise, they’re not enjoying it, they think it’s a nuisance, they feel uncomfortable in there,’ said the owner, who asked to remain anonymous.

Kareem Karunorayake, the owner of the South African swimming pool, says there are some issues with the pool and that he hopes to have a bigger pool next year.

He said his business has been operating for three years, and he has seen many customers come to the pool in search of relaxation.

‘We’ve got to work with what the environment gives us,’ he said, adding that the water quality has improved in recent years.

Despite being in the black market, Karuno’s swimming pool has attracted many customers.

Karuno said he plans to open the bigger pool this year, but he doesn’t want to wait for the government to come up with a solution.

In an email to CBC News, a spokesperson for South Africa said they are working with the authorities on a solution to the issue.

They said that the state has a number of initiatives in place to help ensure that the local community is given the opportunity to participate in local business activities.