How to Build a Swimming Pool Builders Guide

When you’re building a swimming pool, you can’t get too fancy without taking some of the basics into consideration.

Here are the most important questions you should ask when you’re thinking about building your own pool.1.

Where will the pool be?2.

Will the pool have access to water?3.

Can I bring my own equipment or rent it?4.

What type of equipment will be needed?5.

Will I be able to use it for work?6.

Can the pool handle heavy machinery like hydraulic, air, and water pumps?7.

Will there be electricity?8.

Will you be able the pool maintain itself?9.

Will your pool be wheelchair accessible?10.

Can you install a wheelchair ramp?11.

Will all the pool fixtures be accessible?12.

How much money will it cost?13.

Can people swim in the pool?14.

Can my family or friends swim in it?15.

Will my pool have a shower and toilet?16.

Will it have a kitchen and dining area?17.

Will someone come and swim with me?18.

Will guests come and hang out with me on the pool deck?19.

Will a child who has difficulty with stairs be able enter the pool during the summer months?20.

Can someone walk or ride a scooter into the pool, as long as it’s not locked?21.

Will people be able and comfortable swimming on the floor of the pool while waiting for the water to boil?22.

Will anyone be able go inside the pool without being separated from guests?23.

Can guests get out of the water while in the water?24.

Can children be on the surface of the swimming pool while the pool is hot?25.

Will children be able sit on the bottom of the diving board when the water is hot and there’s no surface to sit on?26.

Will water quality be safe?27.

Can a person be left in the hot water for a long period of time?28.

How many people will be able swim in a pool?29.

How long will the water last?30.

What’s the minimum temperature to be safe for people to swim in?31.

Will pets be allowed in the swimming pools?32.

Will this pool be accessible to children?33.

Can pets be placed in the pools?34.

Will swimming be allowed on weekends?35.

Can dogs be placed on the diving boards?36.

Will dogs be allowed to go inside?37.

Will animals be allowed into the swimming water?38.

Can adults be left alone in the bathing pool?39.

Can this pool have children?40.

Will adults be allowed a shower while in it or be put in a crate?41.

Will food be served inside the swimming facility?42.

Will parents be allowed visitors at the pool to see their pets?43.

Will kids be allowed pets?44.

Will staff be allowed children and pets to play in the aquatic center?45.

What are the maximum hours for the pool and the water itself?46.

Can anyone in the facility wear a bathing suit?47.

Can families use the pool on weekends or holidays?48.

Will drinking water be available in the public pool?49.

What happens if there’s an accident in the area of the facility?50.

Will an accident or spill happen in the diving pool?51.

Will residents be able get assistance when the pool needs repairs?52.

Will employees be allowed back into the facility during the winter months?53.

Will customers be able access to the facility after hours?54.

Will visitors be allowed overnight access?55.

What types of equipment can I bring into the facilities?56.

What is the location of the security cameras?57.

Will students be allowed at the facility without supervision?58.

Will businesses be able open their doors to guests after hours during the spring and summer months or during other times of the year?59.

What other types of activities will the facility allow?60.

Will family members be allowed access to or be allowed through the swimming facilities?61.

Can businesses open their stores in the center of the facilities during the daytime hours?62.

What will happen if someone falls in the ocean?63.

Will hotel guests be allowed inside the facilities in the winter or during the school year?64.

Will some employees be able into the center in the summer?65.

Can an employee of the aquatic facility be a volunteer?66.

Will everyone be able use the facilities when it’s raining?67.

What kind of noise and vibration levels will the aquatic facilities allow?68.

What kinds of lighting will be allowed?69.

Will bathrooms be accessible for people with disabilities?70.

Will certain businesses be closed during the holiday season?71.

Can individuals with disabilities use the swimming equipment or be transported to the pool at any time during the year in a wheelchair?72.

Can swimming facilities be closed or closed to the public?73