How to keep your swimming pool at its best in a hot summer

The coldest temperatures in Nova Scotia’s winter aren’t the only thing they’ll be at, and it’s up to you to keep yourself and your loved ones warm when it’s a bit chilly.

The Nova Scotia government is calling for summer pool temperature recommendations for all of the province’s beaches and canals, and for people to consider how they plan to keep themselves and their loved ones safe in the winter.

Nova Scotia Public Health says the coldest temperature in the province will be between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, and the highest will be in the evening and early morning hours.

The average summer temperature in Halifax is around 35 degrees Celsius.

In the past, summer temperature recommendations were lower for Halifax than the rest of the country, but this summer’s temperature is on the higher end.

For those who want to plan ahead, the government says the guidelines will include measures to limit the amount of time that the pool stays open and the number of people allowed in the water.

The rules include: