How to clean your swimming pool

It’s not just the water inside your swimming pools that is a problem.There are also the air filtration systems, and even the sewage systems that run through your pool.But in the case of your swimming tank, there’s a solution that’s easy to implement: water filters.A common concern with a swimming pool is that it’s not […]

How to keep your swimming pool at its best in a hot summer

The coldest temperatures in Nova Scotia’s winter aren’t the only thing they’ll be at, and it’s up to you to keep yourself and your loved ones warm when it’s a bit chilly.The Nova Scotia government is calling for summer pool temperature recommendations for all of the province’s beaches and canals, and for people to consider […]

When Your Own Swimwear Is a Problem

I’m going to have to put my swimwear collection aside for a while.This was a hard one for me.I was born with a swimwear obsession.I am an unabashed swimwear connoisseur.I spend a lot of time in the pool and when I’m not there I spend hours watching movies and reading magazines.This year, I am putting […]